Free Spirit


Cherry Cool is a shoe manufacturing company that has more than 40 years of experience. It aims to get their clients feel themselves embodying a unique lifestyle. Its fundamental values are the transmission of freedom, rebellion, strength and power of each of the women who wear the boots of the brand. Its location in Almansa, a traditional city in the sector, allows you to have experienced technicians and operators as well as high technology. Thanks to them they have succeeded in creating a well-crafted product

Cherry Cool footwear is bold, different and with personality. It is made exclusively for spontaneous clients, who trust in themselves and who like good humor as a way of understanding their life. Therefore, the brand boots are very characteristic and have original details and accessories that differentiate them from other shoes on the market. 

Cherry Cool is characterized by the use of selected raw materials and rigorous quality controls. The traditional preferences reflected in their models impregnate in their design the latest trends in fashion. Cherry technology is focused, above all, on the use and enjoyment of footwear. Cherry Cool is intended for women who have a free spirit, who are fighters and do not let themselves be influenced. They have strong ideas and love to reflect on their day to day.

Goodyear Welt

Goodyear Welt is the international name of the best footwear on the market. It is d the oldest, most elaborate and most enduring method. In fact, it can be done both machine and hand, so it is a guarantee of craftsmanship.

In addition, higher quality raw materials are used. Its peculiar system of elaboration makes the shoe more rigid when it is new, however, with the passage of the days, the adaptation of the sole to the morphology of the foot is total. 

Cherry Cool shoes with this plan are durable and comfortable. Thanks to this, all our products are Goodyear Welt quality.