To create your own style, do not forget the accessories for your shoes. You have different handmade types that will give your look a much more authentic touch. The changes of style, size and position of these accessories respond to periods of transformation in female history. The shoe condenses all the mythology around sexuality and it is the accessory that offers power and distinction to its owner.

To get a new shoe

In Cherry Cool we have tacks, chains, buckles and so on. Choose the one that best suits your lifestyle! This way, you will never tire of a shoe, because with these wonderful accessories every time you wear it you will see it different. And, once again, the close association of the shoe and its symbology allows us to deduce how we are from the models we wear. Do you know that we can guess 90% of the main features just by looking at the shoes? Choosing a color or another, a texture or another, a model or another, carrying or not carrying accessories tells a lot about our personality and deeper thoughts.

You will greatly optimize the investment made thanks to the accessories you buy you can use more than once in different products. So, they will serve you a lot for your day to day life. It’s not just design, it’s part of your body language. The way you move is dictated by your shoes. They elevate you physically and emotionally. Your shoes will always be different and very personalized. You will be the envy of the whole street! When you teach them to yours, they will not hesitate to start decorating their shoes as well. You can create a trend, try it and you will love it. Bring added value to your feet, it will offer you strength and sophistication in every look.

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