They are a basic element of our closet. They work the same way when it comes to luxury or casual wear. In addition, with so many different styles available, there is one (or more than one) that always fits into every woman. However, even with the most tried and tested pieces we have in the wardrobe there are times that we lack inspiration when combining them, that is why here we leave you some creative ways to use them and give them a new air!

They are half-cane and one of their distinguishing features are the fringes that cover them, either in all the footwear or part of it, giving a more daring air. Like the boots, these boots have a rounded tip with a small curvature. The upper part of the footwear is usually circular, not straight that gives the feeling of firmness and stability. As you know, the values of Cherry Cool are very different from this, have to do with freedom, rebellion and the power of decision of women. One of the accessories of these boots are the buckles. Some have only one on one side, two others and three others.

What do they combine?

Gray dots and large and abstract drawings are distinguishing features. They match perfectly with jeans and loose hippie dresses. We’ve seen booties in western movies where quick decision-making was key. All this, at present still an added value of our footwear. Since then, intrinsic values have been acquiring these products. Some that are still present today are: power, strength and intelligence. Booties are trend and we have seen many celebrities with many models of this product so desired since the beginning of time. If you have some festival in sight, you can not go without them. They are extraordinary to attend social events like concerts or musicals outdoors.

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